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My interest in pregnancy and birth was sparked while living in Rio de Janeiro.


There in 2013 I met Kimberly Ann Johnson, Yogini and postpartum pregnancy revolutionary.


She took me on as one of her pupil and I a started to study with her one-on-one.


Through that process I gained a lot of insight and wisdom around how to best support women during pregnancy.  


Soon enough, I started to teach Prenatal Yoga under Kimberly's guidance.

At around the same time a dear friend of mine invited me to the birth of her child.


First I was surprised because this was just something I've never heard being done in Switzerland.

To go and witness an other woman giving birth?

To attend one of the most intimate moments in a woman and couples life?

I was curious though, so after a few days of thinking about it I said YES.

It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Witnessing the birth of my friends beautiful son in her home touched me at my very core.

What stood out for me as a birth companion, is how important it is for a woman to move her body and express herself exactly as she wants; to cry, laugh, moan, surrender, and finally give life to her child in a way that feels right to her.


What I also recognized was how natural it was for me to be by her side as an other women. To care and support her in whatever way she needed me to - which often meant to just be there.


In the past mothers, sisters, village women where always at the side of the women giving birth. It is only since recent times, when birth moved to the hospital that this circle of female support vanished from our world.


Giving birth beholds a wide range of emotions and for the majority of women it is easier to deal with these when surrounded by people they can trust. Knowing that the people around you believe in you and will encourage you helps women to relax. 

To meet a woman exactly where she is, holds the key for her to fully let go into her experience.

There is a beautiful dance that unfolds when a woman can relax into her body, letting go of controlling the experience and instead give herself over to these raw & natural forces that are sweeping through her.


The experience of my friends birth has left an imprint so deeply that I decided to train as a Birth Doula, a woman who empowers other women through providing emotional and practical support during pregnancy and childbirth.


This work brings me great joy and a never ending awe of women's strength and the sacredness of giving birth and being born.


I believe Barbara Katz Rothman is absolutely right when she is saying that:

"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers - strong, competent, capable,mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength." Barbara Katz Rothman

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