raw & rich offers unique courses around Women's Cycles and Childbirth

Menstruation - An Invitation to Learn & Embrace

You’re a woman, and every month you’re greeted by your menstruation and you secretly wish that you could get rid of it because it brings you physical and emotional pain.


Or maybe it doesn’t bring you that but instead it messes up your active and driven life-style where the nuisance of bleeding and the lack of energy doesn’t fit.


You know, that you could just take the pill constantly which would trick your body into thinking that it is constantly pregnant and so the period would stop.


But… there’s a voice inside of you that tells you that this isn’t quite how it’s meant to be. 


Maybe you’re a woman who has come to terms with your period as something that’s just to be endured as a woman and you stoically accepted it as part of life and you deal with it as best as you can.


Or maybe you have realized recently that there is more to your menstrual cycle then what contemporary sources have taught you so far. So you’ve taken a new interest to it and  would like to learn more together with women who are equally curious. 

No matter which one it is for you.

What I can say is: Welcome Sister, you've arrived at the right place.

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Childbirth Preparation Workshop

An empowering Workshops for expecting couples

Are you pregnant and desiring a no-to-low intervention hospital birth for yourself and your baby?


And is your birth companion keen to learn how to best support you in this?


In this 3.5 hour interactive Workshop, I will teach you and your birth companion proven tools and concepts that supports the natural unfolding of labour & birth. 


The thing most women remember years after giving birth is HOW they were cared for during this huge time of transition.

Hence, the birth companion’s role is very important and can make a big difference to a woman in childbirth.

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