Beautiful Woman

Are you often finding yourself over-committing and afterwards regretting it?


Are you having a hard time refusing your help to others?


Do you feel scared to hurt others by saying ‘no’ to them, or being seen as too self-centred?


Or are you worried that saying ‘no’ will lead to either conflict or rejection?


Do you feel close to a burnout or have suffered from a burnout in the past?


Would you like to explore ways of how to develop healthier boundaries so not just you, but also your relationships, will thrive?

Hi, I am Corinne...

... and I'm an experienced and devoted Women’s Wellbeing & Empowerment Coach and Feminine Embodiment Practitioner. 


More than a decade ago I have suffered from a burnout which was partly due to me not knowing and honouring my boundaries.


I was 27 with little practice in sensing where my boundaries where, let alone know how to communicate them.


I also was a 'pleaser', wanting especially to please my boss at the time.


I craved his admiration and I wanted to be ‘extra good’ and thought that by taking on responsibilities that where not mine, I would become invaluable to him.

At some point though my body said stop, no more - and that’s when I started to listen.

From this moment onward, I learned to pay more attention to the cues and nudges from my body regarding my boundaries. These sensations where there all along, but I didn't sense them while they where subtle, only when they started to give me pain I noticed them.


I also started to learn to stand up for myself more and for what was important to me. 


I remember the first days when I went back to the office after 6 weeks of absence, how sometimes I had to say ‘no’ to things many times a day. Things I would previously just nod my head to, I now had to learn to say 'no' to, and instead say ‘yes’ to me and my health.


Burnout is only one of many ways in which unhealthy boundaries in a person can come to light. The extent to which people struggle with healthy boundaries varies and they do not always have to be so dramatic.


However, no matter how big or small the struggle, my experience is that if I don’t honour my boundaries I eventually always suffer in some way, and with that the bond with that person.

Let me give you a general example of how this could go.

You said ‘yes’ to something that someone asked of you, only realizing later that what you committed to was actually not in alignment with what you truly are willing to give at the time.


After realizing that, you may have beaten yourself up for having done it again, you may asked yourself why you give so much all the time…. This then leads you to


a) become overly aggressive in setting your boundaries straight

b) feel resentful towards the other person

c) withdraw and isolate yourself from the other person


All of it creating consequences of separation in a way you didn’t intend and ending in a sad, frustrating and confusing place.


Does this sound familiar? It sure does to me.

Here’s the great news though, there are ways to become better at sensing, honouring, and communicating your boundaries to others - and I’ll introduce you to these in this half-day workshop.

I’m not promising you a quick fix, because developing healthier boundaries takes practice and this is what we will do together, we will practice, so you feel better equipped to tackle the challenge of healthy boundaries in your life.


Step by step, you will get better at it and with that, you will probably start to notice that people around you will respect you more and feel safer around you, because they know that they can trust your ‘yes’!

Benefits of joining my Workshop?

In a circle of women whose intention it is to honour the goodness and wisdom in one another you will get to:

  • Learn how to sense the subtle nudges your body is giving you when boundaries are overstepped,
  • Identify specific areas in your life where boundaries pose a challenge for you,
  • Reflect on the ‘nice girl’ syndrome,
  • Practice speaking your truth honestly by staying rooted in your heart,
  • Leave this workshop feeling more connected to yourself, your body and other women.

Methods I will use in my Workshop

I will guide you through different practices such as: 

  • Breath Awareness
  • Movement
  • Group exercises
  • Journaling
  • Partner sharing exercises


Lakshmi House, 43 Jalan Merah Saga #03-80, Holland Village Chip Bee Gardens

3rd Floor Above Dentist and Daily Scoop Ice Cream

Your Investment

Regular price:
S$ 150.- per person in cash at the door 

If you have attended 'Women's Temple Singapore' in the past, I will gift you with the reduced price of:
S$ 130.- per person in cash at the door 

Registration details

Please register at by Wednesday, 4 July the latest

Min. no of women attending in order for this workshop to be offered is 5. Maximum number of attendees is 12.

What to bring

A water bottle and some snacks if you want to eat something during our tea-break. 

What to wear

Something comfortable in which you can move and sit in easily.

My Invitation to You

As a devotee of all things that empower women, I would love to provide you with a safe space where you can learn how to develop healthier boundaries in your life.

All rights reserved by Corinne Konrad Calder • 2014