Celebrate your moon time and all that goes with it

This might sound weird to you at first, because we have been taught that bleeding is unclean and just an annoying monthly event that slows us down and stops us from being as productive as usual.


I believe that we have been completely misguided in this, and I have consciously adopted a positive and accepting view of menstruation over the past years.


My work, my private life, my social activities and the way I exercise are more and more aligned to my menstrual cycle which ads tremendously to my mental, emotional and physical well being. Instead of going against my own rhythm I started to dance with it.


For too long, bleeding for the first time has been a source of shame and confusion for young women and it is time that we change this.


Coming of Age ceremonies celebrate the transition from childhood into womanhood with the onset of the first bleeding. Young women will learn to honor and respect their cycle from an early age and understand the beauty, wisdom and power that comes with the monthly bleeding.

Celebrations are organized upon request

Do you have a daughter or know of a teenage girl that is Coming of Age soon?


Trust me that this Initiation could be a gift of a life-time for her. 

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