By regularly connecting with your Baby,  Body & Mind during your Pregnancy

YOU pave the way for an empowered birth experience

Would you want your weekly prenatal yoga class to prepare you in the best possible way for labor & birth?


Do you long for more connection with your baby?


Would you like to tune in more with your intuition, which is at its highest during pregnancy?


Would you like to have more rest and quiet time to connect with yourself?


Do you reckognize that the pregnancy journey is one of self-discovery and trust?

Hi, I am Corinne...

And I’m an experienced and passionate Hong Kong based Doula and Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher.


I offer Private Classes in the comfort of your own home as well as  Group Classes at the Yoga Room.


As a Doula I want you to have an empowered birth and my yoga classes are designed to prepare you for just that.

What to expect from joining my class?

  • Plenty of connection with your baby,
  • Encouragement to trust your intuition and instinct,
  • Guidance in building your strength & stamina for birth,
  • Guidance in connecting with your breath, your constant & trusted companion,
  • Intimate & small group environment.

If you are new to yoga no problem at all. My teachings are absolutely suitable for beginners.

Benefits of joining my class?

  • You will build a strong bond with your baby which will help you during pregnancy and later during birth,
  • You will gain trust in your intuition and the innate wisdom of the female body,
  • You will gain insight into how to mentally prepare yourself for birth,
  • You will rest and leave the class centered, loved and rejuvenated.

The teaching tools I use in my classes

As an experienced and devoted Doula, Feminine Embodiment Practitioner and Prenatal Yoga Teacher I combine the following teaching methods as I see fit, all of them supporting and preparing you in their own way:

  • Dynamic & Restorative Yoga Poses
  • Breath Awareness
  • Guided Meditation & Visualisation
  • Instinctual Movement
  • Pelvic Floor Awareness
  • Sound making & singing

"The mystery of life and birth is a profound invitation to be authentic as you trust and tremble your way through labor’s gates of doubt and fear.

It is possible that you will become more intuitive during labor than at any other time.

Allow your body to guide you in your breathing, in your unique movement, in knowing what to do... even when you don't know what to do". ~ Pam England

To read more on the importance of turning towards intuition and instinct read my blog post here

Group Classes

Prenatal Group Classes are held at the Yoga Room in Sheung Wan each Tuesday from 11am - 12am and Saturday from 1pm - 2pm.

Or are you looking for a Private tailor-made Class just for YOU in your own home?

The benefit of a private class is that we can work entirely on your personal needs and desires.


Maybe you want to focus more on certain challenges that pregnancy brings up for you, such as: 

  • Restlessness & anxiety
  • Particular type of fear regarding labor, birth & motherhood
  • General exhaustion 
  • Particular body discomfort
  • Spiritual aspects of birth
  • Distorted body image

In a Private Class we can look deeper into these areas.

Your Investment Private Class in your own home

HKD800 per class (1.15h) for single classes or HKD650 per class (prepaid package of 10x tickets) 

TRAVEL FEES - travel fees apply for private classes in your own home

North Hong Kong Island - HK$150 / visit 

Kowloon, The Peak, South Hong Kong Island - HK$ 250 / visit 

Outlying Islands and New Territories - HK$ 300 / visit

This is what two mamas have to say about working with me privately

“My first class with Corinne was a shared class with another pregnant lady who was about to give birth, and I was just emerging out of my terrible first trimester state. I really enjoyed it. From then on, I have had 20 classes with Corinne, every single one I looked forward to. All have benefited me physically and mentally. Corinne's teaching focus on both building up strength and stamina needed for childbirth, and more importantly preparing the mind to focus on this special journey for the mother and the baby inside her. 


The breathing and meditation we do in class is something that lifted me up and out of a stressed state (always rushing home from a day of stressed work in the office) to an ocean of calmness and a feeling of lifted mood by the end of the class. The movements and postures we did made me feel stronger and more open, ready for the challenges to come.


Apart from the actual yoga class, I knew Corinne is a Birth Doula so I always appreciated her sharing her knowledge and helping to answer any questions I had during pregnancy and as my due date drew near, how I could prepare myself, alleviate any pains and discomfort and helping the baby to engage. I would recommend to all pregnant women who have done yoga or not, to attend Corinne's classes and see and feel for themselves how beneficial they are!” 


-Joanna Kwok, mother of one

"Corinne gave me wonderful and nurturing prenatal care sessions that included yoga, breathing, mind-strengthening and birth visualizations. She organized my Blessingway Party in the most loving way and she was present at my birth as my caring supporter rooting for my innate female wisdom to guide me through. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Whomever chooses to employ her services is truly blessed!" 


~Aglika Angelova, mother of two, enterpreneur and musician

How to sign up?

Group can be booked directly through the Yoga Room
Private Classes in your home are booked through me

I would love to make you feel supported & connected on your journey and help you prepared for labor & birth.

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