You and me making time for YOU & HER - The Feminine

Are you constantly striving towards some distant goal, always ‘doing,’ and class yourself as a ‘giver’ rather than a ‘receiver?’


Do you feel you’re on the verge of a burnout?


Or would you like to learn how to harness the wisdom and power of your menstrual cycle? 


Do you want to reconnect with yourself, learn how to balance your feminine and masculine energy and tap into your inner wisdom?


Would you like to regain that zest for life, let go of control and let things flow towards you?


Or are you drawn to going deeper and exploring your feminine qualities such as your intuition, flow, receptivity, sensuality, creativity as well as your womanly body?

As a Women's Wellbeing Consultant and Menstrual Cycle Educator I help many women one-on-one work through an array of struggles, longings and questions so they can live a more rich and meaningful life. I offer Online as well as in person One-On-One Sessions.

Areas I can assist you with in my 1:1 Consultation sessions

In my one-on-one work I help women deepen their relationship with the feminine and also to help them understand and release emotional blocks and where I see fit I provided them with practices that are simple to integrate into their daily life. 

I can help in areas such as: 

  • Tapping into the different qualities of the feminine and embracing your womanhood,
  • Re-connection with the power and wisdom of you menstrual cycle,
  • PMS an painful menstrual cycles,
  • Establishing a more pleasurable, sensual and creative life,
  • General feeling of depletion and burnout,
  • Establishing healthy boundaries,
  • Pregnancy questions and concerns,
  • Facing and letting go of fears in regards to labour and birth.

What does a 1:1 Consultation Session look and feel like?

Your 1.5 hour, one-on-one consultation is completely customised to your needs and what you would like to explore during your session.


First, we will organise a complimentary 30 minute Zoom call so I can learn more about your situation, what you want to work on and what you would like support with. Based on this I can assess the emotions that need releasing and how we best structure your session. This will ensure you gain the most value from our time together.

Benefits of a 1:1 Consultation Session

Together we will work towards: 


  • Letting go and release bottled up emotions through which you will feel a sense of calmness and peace
  • Greater understanding of how to care for yourself and fill your cup
  • Enhancing levels of self-acceptance which will help you come to terms with things with more ease
  • Bringing more awareness to your menstrual cycle and understanding, how it is influencing your energy and creativity
  • Gaining a new sense of living your femininity with joy
  • Enhancing your capacity for trusting yourself
  • Learning to say what you want and don't want
  • Gaining greater wellbeing, the foundation for true empowerment!

But best to hear it from some other women:

"During the five 1-on-1 online sessions I had with Corinne, she helped me to deepen my respect and admiration for my body and its profound intelligence. She introduced me to the map of the 4 inner seasons that I’m journeying through in my menstrual cycle each month, and that helped me feel more in tune with nature and my own nature. I became aware of old memories and beliefs that I picked up from the past that no longer served me, and I was able to heal them. It feels very empowering to be in connection with my cycle in this new way. I recommend working with Corinne to every woman who seeks to deepen her connection with her cycle and herself, and I also feel this course should be part of the curriculum of every school. Girls in their younger years would really benefit to receive this kind of teaching."


- Catalina, Business Manager

"When I discovered I was pregnant at 8.5 weeks, my world turned upside down. I hadn’t planned on becoming a mother and I had many fears around my pregnancy. I also had limiting beliefs about how my life would look after I had a baby. In my one-on-one session, Corinne created a safe and nourishing space so I could completely open up about my feelings and fears. She lovingly listened, answered all of my questions and took me through a number of different exercises that helped me understand and accept the mixed emotions that I was feeling. My one-on-one session was such a gift and it was exactly what I needed. Corinne has such a beautiful, caring and generous nature and I cannot recommend her work enough!"

- Ainslie, Copywriter & Coach and mother of One

“I moved to Hong Kong a year ago in what I though was a pursuit of dream job. I was soon brought back to reality trying to cope in a new city alone, making new friends and coping with a job and colleagues that was slowly killing my soul and passion for life. 2017 rolled around, I went through some extreme changes at work that filled me with self-doubt. I knew I was heading for a burn out and was very close to giving up my Asian love affair. I gifted myself a session with Corinne. Since my first session with Corinne, I have had a 180 degree change in my life. Her session with me was gentle and life changing. Her support didn’t just stop at the session, instead she provided me with practices that I could start implementing right away. The weeks following the session I had amazing support to ensure I am coping and integrating. I am now full of energy. Work is amazing but most importantly I am working towards the kind of life I want to lead. This is the best present I was able to buy myself. Better than a pair of Jimmy Choo’s. Thank you Corinne!“


– Monique, Real Estate Operation Manager

“I went to see Corinne because I sought clarity on how to move forward in my life and boom, after my session with her, things fell into place almost effortlessly. Corinne guided me deep into my own heart through sacred inquiry and visualisation, followed by a powerful letting go ritual. She helped me to find my way back home to myself and encouraged me to take full ownership of my life.  I’m so grateful for her support and her vibrant and life-embracing energy – it’s contagious.  


~ Aroa Amor, English & drama teacher

The methods I use in 1:1 Sessions

When we work together expect to be welcomed into a supportive and safe space where you can completely let go and feel listened to and seen.


Based on your personal situation and whether we work online or in person, I like to use a combination of different methods to help you dig deep and explore your powerful feminine qualities including:


I will ask you specific questions that will help you to connect with your deeper truth and putting you in touch with your feelings, your heart and that what matters most to you. When we feel seen and received fully by someone else without judgement it is easier for us to speak openly about our pain and hearts desires.


Sometimes your emotions, deeper wisdom, longing and insight are overshadowed by rational thinking and political correctness. I find that using movement will help you shift the focus from your head and rational thinking and you’ll drop into your body and intuition.

Visualisations and Guided Meditations

I may guide you through some feminine centered meditation or visualization practices. These tools help you to reconnect with your female body and your wise woman within. They also help you to gain new insight and trust and you will start to embrace your authentic self.

Journal Writing/Drawing

I may ask you to spend some time free flow writing or drawing. These tactile tools help to provide insight as well as an emotional release, and ultimately guide you to the wise woman within.


Touch is used as a tool to help you feel taken care of and is a way of providing you with unconditional love and support. The use of touch in our session also helps you to learn how to receive love and care from another woman. Ultimately, this tool will help to train your “receive button” in life.

Your Investment

As a Women's Wellbeing & Empowerment Coach I would love to help you reconnect with the wise woman within you, so you may find clarity, healing, greater wellbeing and true empowerment. 


Your 90 minute one-on-one customised session with me is $990.- HKD (equivalent of approx. $125.- USD)


If we realize during our 30 minute complementary call that what you could benefit from is a package of several sessions with me, I will propose you a personalized package.


For example in the case of helping you cultivate a more loving relationship with your Menstrual Cycle,  I would usually offer you a package of 5 Sessions - but let's take it one step at a time. 

Book in for a complimentary 30 minute Skype call where we can discuss what areas in your life you need support with.

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