No group workshop scheduled right now.

However, you can book this workshop as a private session in your own home

Photography by Monet Nicole - Birthing Stories
Photography by Monet Nicole - Birthing Stories

Are you pregnant and desiring a no-to-low intervention hospital birth for yourself and your baby?

And is your birth companion keen to learn how to best support you in this?

In this 4h interactive Workshop, I will teach you and your birth companion proven tools and concepts that supports the natural unfolding of labour & birth. 

The thing most women remember years after giving birth is HOW they were cared for during this huge time of transition.

Hence, the birth companion’s role is very important and can make a big difference to a woman in childbirth

Hi, I am Corinne...

And I’m an experienced and passionate Hong Kong based Doula & Conscious Birth Worker.


I want you to have an empowered birth which is a birth in which you feel respected, heard, involved and cared for. 


As Barbara Katz Rothman says: "Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers - strong, competent, capable,mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength." 


I am fully with her in that, and so I created this Workshop for you and your birth companion with the intention to support you in this. 

What to expect from joining my Workshop?

I invite you and your birth companion (partner/husband/father/best friend/mother) to learn more about:

  • How a safe, caring, undisturbed and pleasurable birth ambiance supports you in relaxing into the process of childbirth,
  • How mother and baby can benefit from improved pelvic balance through daily exercise during pregnancy,
  • How upright positions and movement can shorten labour and lead you to seek less medical pain relief such as epidural analgesia,
  • Why birth positions such as being on all fours or squatting can be more comfortable and effective for you to give birth in, instead of lying on your back with legs in stirrups, 
  • How your birth companion can help you cope with labour pain by applying various non-medical comfort measures such as loving touch, hot/cold packs, hip-squeeze, positive encouragement etc.,
  • What it means to “Let your Monkey do it”,
  • The importance of consent decision making in childbirth.

Benefits of joining my Workshop?

  • Learn about and get to practice different labour positions and movements together with your birth companion,
  • Equip your birth companion with ideas and tools he/she can use to support you during childbirth,
  • Create your personal birth ambiance wish-list and share and discuss it with your birth companion,
  • Feel confident, uninhibited and empowered to voice your needs and choices,
  • Leave with a summary of the Workshop content, so you can keep practicing the positions and non-medical comfort measures in your own home. 

Price for private session tailored to your personal needs in your own home

HKD 3,500.-  // approx. 4 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take this Workshop?

Any time from 25 upon till 35 weeks pregnant is a good time to attend this Workshop. 

Should I still attend a childbirth education course besides this workshop?

I recommend yes. This workshop is intended to complement a comprehensive childbirth education course, NOT to replace it. 

I am not sure if this is for me. How can I find out more about the Workshop?

Just contact me here and ask your questions.

My Invitation to You

As a Doula and Conscious Birth Worker I would love to provide you with my knowledge of childbirth and support you and your birth companion on this exciting journey into parenthood.

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