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You’re a woman, and every month you’re greeted by your menstruation and you secretly wish that you could get rid of it because it brings you physical and emotional pain.


Or maybe it doesn’t bring you that but instead it messes up your active and driven life-style where the nuisance of bleeding and the lack of energy doesn’t fit.


You know, that you could just take the pill constantly which would trick your body into thinking that it is constantly pregnant and so the period would stop.

 But… there’s a voice inside of you that tells you that this isn’t quite how it’s meant to be


Maybe you’re a woman who has come to terms with your period as something that’s just to be endured as a woman and you stoically accepted it as part of life and you deal with it as best as you can.


Or maybe you have realized recently that there is more to your menstrual cycle then what contemporary sources have taught you so far. So you’ve taken a new interest to it and  would like to learn more together with women who are equally curious. 


No matter which one it is for you, what I can say is: Welcome Sister, you've arrived at the right place. 

Yes, there is much more to learn about your menstrual cycle then what you've been taught.

Things that should have been passed down to you with the onset of your first menses. 


But your mother wasn't taught either so how would she have been able to teach you?

Hi, I'm Corinne...

…. and I’m a devoted Menstrual Cycle Educator and Women's Wellbeing & Empowerment Coach.


I passionately teach about women's cycles and I love to reconnect women with their innate wisdom and power. 


With this workshop I invite you to take a step closer towards your menstruation.


Because rather than a curse, your monthly bleeding can be a blessing and a wise and powerful guide in your life. 

Hear me speak about Women's Cycles in an interview with 'Women Empowered'

What to expect from this Workshop?

You will:

  • Hear about how women used to bleed in the past,
  • Learn about the emotional, mental, psychic and energetic aspects of the menstrual cycle,
  • Hear why embracing rest and embracing your bleeding go hand in hand,
  • Be initiated into the wisdom of bleeding through ritual,
  • Experience the healing power of storytelling.

How will you benefit from this Workshop?

You will:

  • Gain a new understanding of your menstrual cycle, with main focus on the days of bleeding,
  • Receive tools that help you to reconnect with your time of bleeding,
  • Uncover limiting beliefs that you carry around your bleeding,
  • Gain a new understanding of rest and self-care and how that could look like for you on your days of bleeding,
  • Start to recognize your time of bleeding as something sacred,
  • Reclaim your feminine power.

Why I encourage women to embrace their menstrual cycle?

The balance in my life between rest, play and activity has improved immensely once I embraced my cyclical nature as a woman.


Through it I gained more joy, juiciness, insight, power and freedom in my life. 


Freedom to live according to my own rhythm.


I learned that my cycle is like an inner compass, guiding the way to my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.


At first it took some real commitment and courage to align my life around it. 

So I started with baby steps, and soon after was rewarded.

After that I took bigger steps and 5 years in, I would not want to live my life any other way.


I believe it is one of the most accessible and affordable ways for women to get back in touch with themselves, their female body, their intuition.... all leading to greater power, wisdom creativity and well-being.

No one can walk this path for you except YOU.

Instead of seeking answers from the outside and living your life by other people's standards, you are turning within towards your body, and from their you will design a life that's truly in alignment with your natural rhythms. 

Your female body is your teacher.

Your body knows - and it will reveal more to you then you could ever imagine right now.

Ready to take your first step?

Hear what a recent Workshop participant has to say about joining my Workshop

Corinne’s workshop has taught me how I can harness the power of my monthly cycle rather than see it as a burden and constantly flight against it! Before this workshop I thought I was Superwoman and I believed I had to function at a super high level all the time! But thanks to Corinne I now understand how our female bodies move through a cycle and as we move through the seasons our mood, energy and bodies change…and that’s completely ok!

I also have a framework of how I can structure my social activities, business, family life and exercise….and yes, I’ve finally got the message that I really do need to rest during my ‘moon time’ in order to get the most out of the entire month. 

This workshop has helped me ‘join the dots’ in so many different aspects of my life and I’m truly grateful to Corinne for sharing her passion with us!

 - Ainslie, Copywriter & Coach and mother of One 

Impressions from the last Workshop in Spring 2017

Date, time & place of next the Workshop

  • Date: TBA
  • Time: TBA
  • Place: TBA

Your investment

  • TBA

What to bring

I invite you to bring a symbol/token with you that reminds you of your time around your first bleeding.

What to wear

Something comfortable in which you can move and sit in easily.

Number of participants

The maximum number of women for this workshop is 12.


Please note that a minimum of 4 women is requisite for this workshop to take place. 

As a devotee of all things that empower women, I would love to provide you with my knowledge of Women's Cycles and guide you towards its power, beauty and wisdom.

Interested in this workshop but would like to do it with a group of women that you already know?

No problem at all.

I've run this workshop for a close group of friends before and am more then happy to do the same for you.


Simply get in touch with me and we can speak further.

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