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Welcome to raw & rich, dear one


I encourage and guide women to reconnect with themselves,  the feminine and the female body, helping you to lead a life of integrity and attain wellbeing from the inside out.


I have and keep walking the path of reconnecting with the feminine and through that, my life has become richer and more wholesome.

I've become softer and in that, so much stronger.

Being born into a woman’s body means experiencing a unique physiology, one that makes the feminine experience of life different to that of a male.  Menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause all of it influences a woman in profound ways.

Most of us have never been introduced into the wisdom and power of the feminine though, nor have we been taught to trust our authentic voice and inner guidance.


We've become disconnected from that part of ourselves that's cyclic, intuitive, receptive, creative, wild, sensual, flowing and instinctual.


Because of that we may feel very lost, slightly lost or simply with a longing in our heart that we can't quite name. 


Nothing is lost though, we just need to remember and reconnect with that source which I call HER.


More then ever she is calling us home to ourselves. 

All you need to do is listen.

Take a small step closer towards yourself, meeting yourself exactly where you are in your life.

Kindly and compassionately.

This is where the journey back to wholesomeness begins.

A journey that's best walked together with other women, supporting and cheering you on.

All rights reserved by Corinne Konrad Calder • 2014