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Healthy Boundaries through Body-Awareness

Are you often finding yourself over-committing and afterwards regretting it?


Are you having a hard time refusing your help to others?


Do you feel scared to hurt others by saying ‘no’ to them, or being seen as too self-centred?


Or are you worried that saying ‘no’ will lead to either conflict or rejection?


Do you feel close to a burnout or have been suffering from a burnout in the past?

 Would you like to explore ways how to develop healthier boundaries so not just you, but also your relationships will thrive?  

Welcome, you've arrived at the right place.

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Would you like to learn more about the hidden powers of your menstrual cycle, the ones that modern women all over the world are slowly starting to wake up to?


Are you suffering from PMS and menstrual pain and are looking for wholesome ways to reduce them?


Or did you recently come off any hormonal contraceptive, are struggling with experiencing a normal cycle and want to reconnect with it?

Are you stoically accepting your period as a part of a woman’s life but secretly resenting it? 


Or have you’ve taken a new interest in your period and would like to make peace with it and benefit from what it has to teach you?

Welcome, you've arrived at the right place!

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