supporting… listening... guiding… teaching… encouraging… nurturing… informing... holding...

There are different ways how you can work and engage with me, depending on your needs and the season of life you are in right now.

Head to the One-on-One, Women's Temple, Workshops and Retreat page above if you want to

  • Connect in a more loving way with yourself and your body
  • Rediscover your feminine qualities and learn to embody them
  • Embrace and reclaim the power of your menstrual cycle
  • Find a supportive circle of women
  • Learn more about woman's spirituality
  • Receive guidance and gain more clarity around challenging life-transitions


Head to the Doula and Mothers's Blessingway page above if you are

  • Pregnant and looking for support and guidance related to your pregnancy and childbirth

Life is a journey in which we are all travelers ~ Rashida Rowe

.... and I would love to walk right next to you, on this journey that you are on.

Below some impressions of me doing what I love doing - supporting and inspiring women!

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