nourishing.... community... giving... receiving... relaxing... connecting... celebrating

More and more women are hearing the call to gather again with other women in the circle.


To regularly meet with women within a safe and sisterly environment is so important to women’s emotional, physical and spiritual health. 


We know today that women in order to relax need bonding.


When we bond with others, the hormone Oxytocin is released which helps women to relax and recuperate from the demand of everyday life.

Behind a successful woman is a circle of supportive sisters.

It is part of the feminine, to collaborate and reach out to others.

To meet and share ideas.

To celebrate each other’s feats and to lean on to each other in times of need.

You don’t have to do it alone, sister!

Apart from the nourishing effect of meeting in the circle, Women’s Rituals are helping us to get in touch with women’s mysteries such as the nature of our menstrual cycle, birth, motherhood and menopause.


Each of these phases brings with it new wisdom. They are powerful initiations which are often overlooked in our society.


Rituals around these distinctive phases in a Women’s life are also called Rite of Passages.



Celebrating the change of season is another ritual that woman used to honor in the past by coming together four times a year.


Each season has a certain energy and reflects back to us our own cyclical nature as women. 

I currently offer the following Women's Circles

Sister, I hope to sit with you in one of these circles soon.

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