Beautiful Woman

Would you like to explore a new sense of freedom by creating a more loving relationship with yourself and your female body, and dive deep into all the beautiful things your body and being has to offer?


Are you a yoga teacher, wellness practitioner, women’s health professional, or coach that’s looking to inhabit new tools that allow you to become more aligned to yourself as a woman, so you can take your work to a deeper level that you and your clients can benefit from?


Do you have a job or business where you’re constantly on the go, pushing ahead by working hard and taking the logical steps towards success, and you feel you’re in need of some tools that allow you to do things with more ease?


Are you a mother and you feel like you’re often overextending yourself? That there aren’t enough hours in the day to have time for yourself and you feel there’s a part of you that needs nurturing and space because you’re the one holding it all together?


Beautiful woman, are you ready to fall in love with yourself?


If you are answering “YES” to any of these questions, we’d like to invite you to join HERspace Feminine Awareness Training!

What Is HERspace Training?

HERspace is a 3-day Feminine Awareness Training, set on beautiful Lantau Island in Hong Kong, offering you a journey to support your greatest expression as a woman.


This body of yours is a living breathing instrument equipped with over hundred sensory receptors, designed to feel and to perceive life around you. 


In its original form, your female body holds the blueprint to conceive, gestate, birth and nurture new life– whether that be in the form of a human being or in the form of an idea, project or business. 

You are a creatress. Magnificent. Powerful. Wise.

This is within all of us, but it’s often the sides that we connect with the least or we forget about - and this is why we’ve created HERspace Training - to help you remember. 


HERspace Training is focusing on helping you bring more awareness to your feminine body, feminine essence and feminine way of being. We will teach and guide you through powerful yet simple practices that you can start integrating into your life right away. 


It’s a place to explore, expand and truly inhabit yourself, where you feel held, connected, supported, seen and heard. 


What we will teach you is meant to be practical as well as inspiring, encouraging you to cultivate a loving and curious relationship with your body, feelings and senses so you may feel vibrant and fully alive in your whole being.


Sounds good, right?

How Will You Benefit From Joining HERspace Training?

Did you ever learn how to be with your feelings without judging or resisting  them? 

Do you know of the wisdom and strength that resides within you?

Do you know what it feels like to be sensually alive?


Together with other women whose intention it is to honour the feminine and wisdom in one another you will:  

  • Get to know your miraculous female body better and gain a new appreciation for it,
  • Learn how to embrace all your feelings and recognize them as a potent source leading to deeper insight,
  • Learn practices that will help you unlock your feminine wisdom and power,
  • Awaken your senses to live a more connected life,
  • Enhance your capacity to receive as well as give in life,
  • Learn about different types of bodily pleasure and gain a deeper understanding of your sensuality,
  • Enhance your capacity for greater intimacy with yourself and your relationships,
  • Explore compassionate communication tools for your work, business and relationships, 
  • Experience what it’s like to feel safe around women and supported by them,
  • Relax, rejuvenate and come home to your beautiful self,
  • Leave this training with skills that will support you in living a more connected and embodied life.

Together we will explore and experience wholesome ways of being with ourselves and each other, providing you with a greater sense of wellbeing and helping you to access your intuition and creative power more deeply.

Who is HERspace Training for?

This is an invitation to women who are looking for inspiration and practical tools on how to connect with the wisdom and power of the feminine through the portal of their magnificent body and the realms of feelings and the senses.


Women who are ready to co-create a new paradigm of living with the support of each other and who desire more passion, purpose, ease and joy in their life.

Why HERspace Training Now?

Hi, I am Corinne, and I’m an experienced and devoted Women’s Wellbeing & Empowerment Coach, Feminine Embodiment Teacher, Menstrual Cycle Educator and Doula. 


More than a decade ago while I was still working in the event management and touring industry, I suffered from burnout. At first this experience left me shattered, but eventually, it provided me with the fuel to explore more wholesome ways of how to navigate this human life. 


On this quest, I soon learned that I had to stop looking for answers outside of myself and instead go within. There I reconnected with my female body, my feminine essence and the love, truth and wisdom that I carry within my heart. 


Since then, it’s become my mission to help other women find their way back to a joyful, meaningful and pleasurable life! 

Having become largely disembodied as a society over the last thousands of years by glorifying spirit, mind and transcendence over body, feelings and this earthly life, humans too often have come to seek answers, contentment and wisdom outside of themselves.


Throughout all times, women have always been more associated with the body then spirit because of their capability to give and sustain new life. Thus, whenever the body has been deemed less worthy, women too have been considered less worthy.


With time, this has lead women to feel ashamed of their bodies, numb to the depth of their feelings, and ignorant of their cyclical, sensual and sexual nature, ending in suppressing, medicating and ignoring their innate power.


But  this is NOT what we want for YOU. We want you and the women and girls around you to flourish in their womanhood! 


Our experience has been, that a woman’s  path to greater wellbeing and empowerment leads through bringing awareness and kindness back to the female body and the many qualities of the feminine.


And this path is best walked together with other women – women who are ready to cheer each other on as they learn how to navigate this new way of embodied living. 


Now for the first time, I’m teaming up with Nathalie Sommer, an experienced and passionate Relationship & Intimacy Coach. Nathalie also launched Hong Kong’s first health and detox retreat - to bring to women a training that lets them fall in love with themselves, their female body and feminine essence. 

And so we are calling you to join us at HERspace Training.

Our Training Venue

Nathalie and I both live in beautiful homes on Lantau Island in Mui Wo Village, surrounded by lots of greenery and with lovely sea view.


Although not so common in Hong Kong, where we come from in Switzerland, people often meet in the comfort of their cozy homes.


So we thought that this is just what we want to do: Inviting YOU into our homes.

For more pictures visit Sommer Life Beach Retreat.

Your Training Details

Training Dates

30 November - 02 December 2018 

Training Venue

Mui Wo, Lantau Island, Hong Kong


Our exact addresses we will provide upon your registration.

Training Overview


10.00 am: Registration & Welcome

10.30 am: Morning Session begins

13.00 pm: Lunch (provided)

14.00 pm: Afternoon Session begins

18.00 pm: Afternoon Session ends 


10.00 am: Morning Session begins

13.00 pm: Lunch  (provided)

14.00 pm: Afternoon Session begins

17.30 pm: Dinner (provided)

18.30 pm: Evening Circle

20.00 pm: Evening Circle ends 


 09.30 am: Morning Session begins

 13.00 pm: Lunch (provided)

 14.00 pm: Afternoon Session begins

 16.00 pm: Training ends


What To Expect From Joining HERspace Training?

Throughout the training you will be exposed to both, theory and experiential learning. During the experiential learning part, we will guide you through different practices such as:

  • Breath Awareness - simple yet profound practices that will help you to feel more alive in your body, receive greater pleasure and become more present in the moment.
  • Intuitive Movement - a powerful practice that will allow you to become more intimate with your emotions and express and release them through movement, breath and sound.
  • Feminine Embodiment Practices - a variety of practices that will help you to connect with your feminine essence and your female body.
  • Respectful Touch - touch practices help you to soften your body, and they release in you the hormone Oxytocin. Oxytocin is the hormone that helps women to relax after periods of stress. Being touched by your sister also helps to build trust in other women, and it is a beautiful way to care for each other. Ultimately, it will help you to train your “receive & give button” in life. Touch in our retreat does not include nudity nor genital touching. 
  • Partner Sharing Practices - these practices will help you to access your truth and inner wisdom and give voice to these within a container of confidentiality. They will also enhance your capacity to listen to others actively and compassionately. 
  • Group Practices - the benefit are similar to the partner sharing practices, but in addition they strengthen the container of the group and are healing medicine for the collective wounds of the feminine.
  • Visualisation - visualisation journeys are helpful practices to access the subconscious that holds unhelpful limiting beliefs and change these through way of imagination. In our retreat they will help you to connect more with your female body and the wise woman within.
  • Freewriting -  this is a practice that supports you in accessing your emotions and thoughts without censoring the ones you may deem as  unacceptable or “not good enough’. As you bring to paper your real emotions and thoughts you gain greater clarity about your life and insight about how to move forward.

Your Investment

Early Bird Fee

payment before 13 November 2018


HK$ 3'800.- 

Regular Fee

payment after 13 November 2018


HK$ 4'500.-

Your Training Inclusions

Your Training investment INCLUDES:

  • 3  x healthy lunches, 1 x healthy dinner and tea/snacks to be enjoyed within a peaceful and rejuvenating environment.
  • A total of 20 hours of carefully curated content helping you to cultivate a loving and curious relationship with your body, feelings and senses so you may feel vibrant and fully alive in your whole being.

This training is limited to max. 8 women to insure a personal and intimate training environment.


How do I Register for HERspace Training?

The first step to getting registered for this training is to fill out the registration form here.


Once we have received and reviewed your completed registration, we will confirm with you as to space availability. There will be a payment of the training fee required to guarantee your place. 

What if I would like to stay in Mui Wo overnight?

No problem, we've got you! Just let us know with your registration if you're interested in accommodation and we can arrange it for you at Silvermine Beach Resort in Mui Wo.

What if for some reason I can’t attend after registering?

In case of cancellation before 9 November 2018, we will keep an administration fee of 400.- HK$. After that, the following cancellation policy applies:


  • 50% of the Training Fee will be held in case of cancellation until 16 November 2018. 
  • There will be no refunds after 16 November 2018. 

Our Invitation to You

We believe that no one empowers anyone. Instead, people create platforms of empowerment so that we step into these platforms to empower ourselves. With this training, we are creating such a platform.


We’re inviting YOU to step into it by saying YES to yourself, your wellbeing and all things that make you a powerful, wise and creative WOMAN!


It is our greatest joy to create a potent as well as a deeply nourishing training for you, combining our years of experience in events and hospitality with teachings and practices that will guide you home to yourself. 


Meet The Teachers

Nathalie Sommer

Nathalie Sommer is a Relationship and Intimacy Coach and Intuitive Coach, who works with singles and couples to create healthy and intimate relationships so they can feel confident and empowered in and out of bed.


Over the last 13 years, her work as an entrepreneur has been deeply rooted in holistic therapies, personal development and coaching. After doing some exploratory work herself, she realised that both her one-on-one and group coaching clients were coming to her with relationship issues, so she completed the sex and relationship certification in Erotic Blueprints.


In addition to working with clients around the world, Nathalie is a speaker, runs sold out workshops around the globe, and her work has been featured in Sassy Mama, Sassy HK, RTHK Radio, South China Morning Post, Time Out HK, Masterchef Magazine, Green Queen, Apple Daily and Jet Star Magazine. To find out more about her intimacy work  CLICK HERE. 

Corinne Konrad Calder

Corinne Konrad Calder is a Women’s Wellbeing & Empowerment Coach, Feminine Embodiment Teacher, Menstrual Cycle Educator and Doula


Corinne helps and teaches women to connect with themselves, the feminine, the female body and other women, so they once again recognise, value and trust the wisdom they hold within themselves and the power that comes from women supporting each other. Under her guidance, many women have come to embrace themselves and the feminine more, and through that come to enjoy a life of greater emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


Corinne has been creating and facilitating safe spaces for women over the past 3.5 years including at major events such as IRIS Your Escape, Hong Kong’s leading Yoga and Wellness Festival as well as the Garden Gathering Hong Kong.

She is also the founder of a regular women’s group called ‘Women’s Temple HK’ and offers 1-on-1 consultation & coaching sessions and women’s workshops. She can also be booked by companies who seek to offer a nurturing a rejuvenating experience for their female staff. To find out more about her CLICK HERE

Testimonials - This is what women are saying from working with Nathalie and Corinne

"I met Nathalie almost two years ago when she was focusing primarily on Wellness Coach. I soon realised that she is the kind of person and coach that sees deep into a someone's needs and find ways to help.I have always been interested in sexuality and relationship. I did the Blueprint and Relationship coaching sessions with Nathalie and I loved it! I felt that she helped me open up in some areas that I was unsure, as well as better understand some of my sexual and relationship preferences with further enthusiasm and acceptance, even when things can be different from one person to another. With no judgement, good listening skills, good questions and understanding, Nathalie helped me go deeper into my intimacy. I have been married for nearly 20 years and at times things can be a little challenging, in the communication front as well as in the bedroom. Nathalie was able to shed some light and give some tips to improve and grow on all fronts. And mainly, I felt more self assured, more accepting and happier of my preferences sexually and intimately. I would certainly recommend Nathalie and her coaching to anyone going through changes or challenges in their relationship, be it the duration of a relationship, divorces, doubts or simply wanting to go deeper into their own sexuality, sensuality and satisfaction as I did.

Thanks again Nathalie and I wish you all the best! " ~ From: Human Resource and Training Professional

"I was starving emotionally and physically in my relationship. Feeling edgy, frustrated, desperate at times. Asking my partner to meet my needs, and feeling ashamed and embarrassed when he tried, but it was awkward and unfulfilling. I was ready to give up. But giving up on my relationship was also giving up on myself. I was carrying shame and guilt in my body - and acted out in anger and blame. My turning point was taking working with Nathalie- and finally understanding and accepting all those parts of myself - and being able to talk to my partner about it. It was a light bulb moment - realizing that I’m wired this way, that I need it, and that I’m ok! And that it’s possible to have my needs met. I wasn’t weird or wrong for wanting it all. I can now say that ALL of my fantasies came true, and all of my needs are met. I am no longer starving. I am in love even more now than before, I feel deeply understood and met by my partner, and I know I’ve got the tools and the skills to ask for everything I want. I can’t wait to see what else we can explore!" ~ Sarah H.  

"Like a true love story, finding Women's Temple was equally unexpected and meant-to-be. For me it was like finding a unicorn - a place for both relaxation, movement, laughter, reflection, growth, self-discovery, and all of that together will the most sincere, warm and welcoming group of women. Temple simply leaves you smiling and glowing for days - like the best facial you've ever had!  After 4 years in Hong Kong, and working in a very male dominated environment, I had learned how to be goal-oriented, productive, strong and assertive - but along the way lost connection with my feminine side and forgotten how to just be. Then by a complete coincidence I met Corinne, and joining her Women's Temple was like finding home again. Through temple I've reconnected to myself, found a place to unwind, unfold and get grounded - reclaiming that balance in life, we all deserve, but is so hard to achieve in a busy place like Hong Kong. Thanks Corinne for this beautiful oasis, for creating a place for women to connect, to feel empowered as well as to let go and soften. Your Temple evenings has truly been transformative!" ~ Katrine F. Olsen

“I moved to Hong Kong a year ago in what I thought was a pursuit of dream job. I was soon brought back to reality trying to cope in a new city alone, making new friends and coping with a job and colleagues that was slowly killing my soul and passion for life. 2017 rolled around, I went through some extreme changes at work that filled me with self-doubt. I knew I was heading for a burn out and was very close to giving up my Asian love affair. I gifted myself a session with Corinne. Since my first session with Corinne, I have had a 180 degree change in my life. Her session with me was gentle and life changing. Her support didn’t just stop at the session, instead she provided me with practices that I could start implementing right away. The weeks following the session I had amazing support to ensure I am coping and integrating. I am now full of energy. Work is amazing but most importantly I am working towards the kind of life I want to lead. This is the best present I was able to buy myself. Better than a pair of Jimmy Choo’s.“ ~Monique, Real Estate Operation Manager

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