Professional birth support facilitating a positive and empowering birth experience

As a first time mother or current mother, would you appreciate emotional and physical support before, during and after the birth of your baby?


Would you love to enjoy the most satisfying birth experience possible which encompasses your pregnancy right through to motherhood?


Would you appreciate having a professional birth support companion by your side, offering you unconditional care and companionship so you can truly relax and enjoy this rich experience?


As an experienced and passionate Hong Kong based Doula, I support the Mother/Baby/Birth Companion trinity, which will ensure that you set off on your new journey in the best possible way.

What it's like to work with me as your Doula - watch my short video

What is a Doula?

A Doula is a trained woman empowering other women through providing emotional, physical, mental and practical support during pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. As a birth support professional, I work alongside physicians, midwives, nurses, and birth partners and use my experience and intuition to pick up on what a labouring mother needs. I've been trained by DONA International, the oldest, largest and most respected Doula association in the world.


Giving birth is one of the rawest experiences a woman can ever journey through. But without doubt, it also brings them precious richness, their child. When women are asked many years after they’ve given birth what they most remember, it’s how they were cared for and not how birth unfolded for them. This highlights the power and importance of being loved, supported and cared for and having a Doula by your side.

What a Doula Is Not

I feel it’s important to explain that the role of a Doula is quite different to a midwife. While your  midwife will focus on the medical side of your birth, as a doula I’ll focus on the emotional, physical and communicational side. My aim is to care for and nurture you and to provide a sense of calm and focus.  


As a Doula I will refrain from:

  • Performing clinical tasks such as blood pressure, fetal heart checks, vaginal exams, and other medical activities. Instead, I am here to offer you continuous emotional and physical support.
  • Making decisions for you. Instead, I will help you to get the information necessary to make an informed decision. I will also remind you if there is a departure from your birth plan.
  • Speaking to the staff on your behalf. Instead, I will discuss your concerns with you and suggest options, but you or your partner will speak directly to the clinical staff.

Who I Work With as a Doula

I work with a variety of different women who have unique pregnancy and birth needs, wants and desires.

I work with pregnant women who are:

  • Wanting to expand their network as they realise that they need specific emotional support to help navigate not only the physical, but also the psychological and psychic changes within them as they approach motherhood,
  • On the lookout for a more soul and spiritual centred pregnancy and birth, and who recognize that the journey into motherhood is a powerful initiation. 

Benefits of Having a Birth Doula

There are a number of proven benefits of having a Doula as part of your birth team including:

  •  Shorter labour time, 
  • Two times less likely to experience birth complications involving mother or baby,
  • More likely to have a spontaneous vaginal unmedicated birth,
  • Less instances of instrument-assisted birth and reduced need for caesarian sections,
  • Improved maternal bonding postnatally,
  • Higher rates of breastfeeding at 6 weeks post-partum,
  • Higher self-esteem, less anxiety and less depression at 6 weeks after birth,
  • Decreased risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience,
  • Your baby will have a calmer arrival on earth.


* Kenneth J. Gruber, Susan H. Cupito & Christina F. Dobson, Journal of  Perinatal Education 2013 Winter; 22(1): 49–58. Impact of Doulas on Healthy Birth Outcomes.

As a Birth Doula I’ve found that the consistent encouragement, support and reassurance that I provide to both the mother and father/birth companion, helps to empower the mother and enhance her confidence which has a positive impact on her pregnancy and birth experience.

Doula Client Testimonials

Below I let two recent mums explain to you the benefits they experienced working with me:

"It was wonderful to have Corinne by my side during labour, she brought into the room a wonderful nurturing and supportive energy. She provided  softness and kindness and behind that a wall of strength. She was someone whom I believed in and trusted 100 percent, during the contractions she sang and massaged me and offered endless kind words.  She was a very important part of the experience and helped to empower me during the moments I was beyond words. I am eternally grateful that she was present during the birth of my beautiful son. Thank you for your lovely strength and energy! As I said to you immediately after the birth, this is your calling!  This is really something that you were meant to do and all three of us are very grateful for your help!" 


Rebecca Benians , Photography

"Corinne is very approachable, knowledgeable and easy to work with – on top of that, she is  a calming force, which is what I really wanted for my wife in the delivery room. Her personality is one that allows people to make their own informed decisions regarding the birth of their child, with no feelings of judgment. The empowerment sessions that we did with her before the birth helped reveal things that I wasn’t aware of about the birth of our first child. Processing that first birth together with Corinne led me change my approach in how to best support my wife during the birth of our 2nd child.  I would recommend working with Corinne to anyone who is nervous about childbirth, or those who don’t know where to start preparing mentally and emotionally for such an important occasion."


Scott, USA

“Given the public system in Hong Kong, I wanted to find a way to stay at home as long as possible knowing that I would be most comfortable there with my husband by my side. As it was a new thing for both of us, we looked for help for someone who could guide us through the process of preparing for birth and on the day and this is how I found Corinne. 

Having had 3 empowering sessions with her prior to the birth was incredibly helpful for us. My husband was great during the labour process and I believe his participation and support was the key to leaving me with a positive memory of my labour. Weirdly and surprisingly, I feel his involvement in labour finalised our transition from being a couple to becoming a family. The sessions helped him to get gain confidence and get prepared, learning what he can do to support me other than just watching me, his wife, in agony. Also, seeing and feeling Corinne and my husband working out how to best support on the day was assuring – I felt cared for and that gave me the strength that we can do this as a team. 

Corinne is very calm and takes initiative to make you feel comfortable. She brings positive and supportive energy throughout the entire process of preparing for birth and on the day itself. Thinking back, I cannot imagine not having had Corinne as my doula. Without her, I would have admitted to the hospital way too early, going through the pain of childbirth very confused and lost, and my husband would have panicked without knowing how to help me. The whole process could have been way longer, and most importantly, the whole experience could have been bad while welcoming my son should be the most blessed moment in my life.”


~ R & D, South Korea

"Within minutes of meeting Corinne I felt strongly that I wanted her to attend my birth. She is engaging, sincere and warm. Whenever I am with her I feel at ease and safe. Corinne made sure she knew what I wanted for my birth, not just in terms of my birth plan, but she understood on a deeper level what birth meant to me. I knew I could trust that she would do whatever she could to preserve that vision for me. By the time I was full-term I felt prepared thanks to her guidance. During the birth Corinne stayed with me, physically, mentally and spiritually, being my only ally in the room. She gave me my headphones to block out the constant chatter and noise, a cloth to shield my eyes from the brightness of the room. She massaged my lower back. She checked to see if I wanted water. She spoke to me and listened to me. She held my hand. When things were so intense and I got overwhelmed, she locked eyes with me and gave me a safe haven within the chaos. She was truly my rock in a very turbulent delivery room. Her support does not end with the birth of the baby. One of the most important things she did for me   is act as a witness. When we met a week after the birth, she sat with me and we talked about everything that had happened. As a doula she went down the path of labour with me as much as someone on the outside possibly can. Even though aspects of the birth disappointed me, I will always be grateful for the sisterhood Corinne provided."


~Nicola Belen, Yoga Teacher

Birth Doula Packages

Below you can find my current Hong Kong based birth doula packages which can be tailored to your personal needs, something we will talk about during the 60 min Complimentary Doula Consultation

Please note that if you are planning to give birth in a Public Hospital, I'm still able to support you but only to the point where you go to the hospital. This is because Hong Kong Public Hospitals will only allow 1x support person into the labour ward - which in most cases is the father/birth companion.

Empowering Doula Support Package


  • 1 complimentary doula consultation
  • 3 in-person labor & birth empowerment sessions with mother and birth partner
  • 3 online birth coaching sessions with the mother only
  • Labor & birth support at home & hospital
  • 1 postnatal home visit  to check on how mother and baby are doing and reflecting on the birth together

HK$ 14'000.-  


  • 1 complimentary doula consultation
  • 3 in-person labor & birth empowerment sessions with mother and birth partner
  • 3 online birth coaching sessions with the mother only
  • Labor & birth support at home
  • 1 postnatal home visit  to check on how mother and baby are doing and reflecting on the birth together

HK$ 12'000.-

Basic Nourishing Doula Support Package


  • 1 complimentary doula consultation
  • 1 in-person labor & birth empowerment sessions with mother and birth partner
  • Labor & birth support at home & hospital
  • 1 postnatal home visit  to check on how mother and baby are doing and reflecting on the birth together

HK$ 10'000.- 

Labor & Birth empowerment sessions (1.5h - 2h each) - what to expect:

During the first session we will speak about: 

  • Your desires and needs for  the birth,
  • The role of the father/birth companion,
  • My role and your expectations,
  • What I do/don't do,
  • Worries & Fears of mother and father/birth companion,
  • Mother's posture & daily balancing practices for optimal engagement of baby in the pelvis,
  • Logistics & communication

Getting a clear idea on the above is very important for all of us. It sets the foundation for how we will work together and how we, your birth companion and I, can best support you.  


From there I will put together the content for the additional 2 sessions which will cover the following but also depends on what kind of birth you’re envisioning for you and your baby:

  • The different stages of birth
  • Birth environments
  • Hormones & emotions of birth
  • Natural ways to cope with pain
  • Non-medical comfort measures such as movement, breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Medical treatments in labor & birth
  • Creating a birth plan

Online Birth Coaching sessions (90min each) – what to expect:

Birth Coaching sessions are designed to further support you during pregnancy, and to help you prepare for the birth and early postpartum period on a deeper level.


Every woman is different and comes with her own personal make-up of fears, worries, desires, believes and potential traumatic experiences. Ideas that live in our subconscious and that we are not fully aware of. However, these ideas and believes can greatly influence our actions, especially once we are facing emotionally, physically and mentally challenging situations such as childbirth.


The aim of the tailored birth coaching sessions is to give space to these things that live in our subconscious, to bring them up into our consciousness so we can compassionately deal with them before going into labour. 


Each of these sessions starts with a grounding breath awareness practices that connects you with your centre and baby. From there we start the coaching session which based on experience with precious clients could cover any of the things listed below:

  • Reframing and letting go of stuff that is unhelpful for you to carry on the road to giving birth and motherhood
  • Getting a positive embodied feeling of the birth that you desire
  • Explore what helps you overcome physically, emotionally and mentally challenging situations
  • Gain trust in your inner knowing, body, intuition, and learn to confidently voice your needs, desires and questions

What exactly it will be for you will become clearer once we meet for our first in-person Labour & Birth empowerment session

Postnatal visit (1.5h) - what to expect:

The postnatal visit is designed for the mother and birth companion to reflect on and speak freely about the birth and any lingering emotions that might be present. One can look at it almost like a debrief after a big project (birth) is completed.


As a Doula I will help the mother/couple to come to terms with how birth unfolded, which is especially important in cases where birth didn’t turn out the way a woman hoped it would. Negative or mistaken impressions don’t go away if they remain in the dark so it’s better to address them within a safe and caring environment.


During the visit I will also check on how MotherBaby and the wider family are doing and how breastfeeding is going, making suggestions if needed. 

Have questions? Would you like to meet up?

I’m here to provide you with consistent and nourishing support as you journey through your pregnancy, birth and beyond. If any of the above birth doula packages resonate with you, or if you have any questions about the process  then go ahead and book your Complimentary 1 hour Doula Consultation with me. 


Let’s have a relaxed chat in person, so we can get to know each and I can learn more about your unique birthing needs and desires. 


I look forward to meeting you and learning more!


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