Welcome Sister to the Women's Temple...

.... a place for honest, liberating and transformative Sisterhood!

The Women's Temple is a sacred place, dedicated to the feminine.

Here we come together fortnightly to explore the feminine and celebrate each other.

Women from all walks of life and nationalities enter the Women's Temple and they may only have a few things in common:

  • The longing to connect with other women in a honest way
  • The longing to reconnect with their femininity
  • The longing to rest and be for a moment
  • The longing to drop down-and-in and letting go of all pretense
  • The longing to gain a better understanding of the power and wisdom of their female body
  • The longing to live more of themselves
  • The longing to commune with the divine feminine

Why a Women's Temple?

Many women today constantly run on depletion mode. Our modern life-style is based around an extensive To do-list and so little around what nourishes a woman from the inside out such as:

  • Sisterhood gatherings amongst women
  • Exposure to sensuality, beauty and pleasure
  • Feminine centered spirituality
  • Embracing of a woman's cyclical nature
  • Wholehearted living of the principle of receiving & giving support
  • Doing things just for the joy of doing it instead of having to arrive somewhere

The Women’s Temple has been created out of my longing to have a place in Hong Kong which allows for all that and much more. 

What to expect when joining the Women's Temple

In the Temple expect to spend time with your beautiful Self as well as with all the other women that come to Temple. Through interaction with other sisters you are introduced and reminded of all the different expressions of the feminine. In the Temple we welcome the full pallet of feelings  and we see them as energy that comes and goes. Nothing more. 


We give ourselves permission to feel what we feel without censoring the so call negative feelings. With that comes a sense of freedom to fully be and live ourselves. This way of being we then often take back from Temple into our own life.


Temple can also be seen as a sacred and safe sanctuary, where together with other women you can practice how to express freely who you are. 

Here me speak about Women's Temple in a recent interview with 'Women Empowered'

Practices we do in in the Women's Temple


For women, one of the quickest way to become present in the moment is through the portal of the female body. This is why we spend a lot of time moving and dancing. Often your feelings and deeper wisdom are overshadowed by rational thinking and political correctness. Movement will help you shift the focus from your head and rational thinking and you’ll drop into your body and intuition.


Although touch can seem strange at the beginning, it is very natural once you get used to it and one of our favourite things to do in the Temple. Touch helps you to soften your body and it releases in you the hormone Oxytocin. Oxytocin is today seen as the number one hormone that helps women to relax after periods of stress. Being touched by your sister also helps building trust in other women and it is a beautiful way to care for each other. Ultimately, this tool will help to train your “receive & give button” in life.

Visualization & Guided Meditation

Feminine centred meditation or visualization practices help you to connect with your female body and your wise woman within. They also help you to gain new insight and trust and you will start to embrace your authentic self. 

Sacred Inquiry

Speaking is not one of our focus in the Women’s Temple. However, we do conduct sacred inquiry which means sharing from the heart and listening to each other non-judgmentally and with full presence. In Temple we only give advice to each other when someone asks for advice because we believe that often all we need is to be witnessed and fully listened too. This alone will help us to access our deeper wisdom.

And sometimes we also sing and journal.

Our practices are inspired by my beloved teacher, Chameli Ardagh from Awakening Women.

Here are some impressions that were taken at a recent public event. Normally we wouldn't have headsets and we are always meeting inside with a group from between 8-12 women.

Please note that the Women’s Temple is not a therapy group instead it is a space where we come to mirror, celebrate and empower each other. Each women is asked to take responsibility for herself.

Benefits of joining the Women's Temple in Hong Kong

The benefits you will gain will depend on how much you are willing to give of yourself to the Temple. If coming to Temple regularly:

  • You will gain a community of like-hearted women,
  • Learn to trust your feminine qualities,
  • Develop an appreciation for your female body,
  • Experience a softening around your edges,
  • Gain insight on what it means to be a woman, 
  • Enhanced levels of self-acceptance and self-love,
  • Greater capacity to celebrate yourself and other women,
  • Learn about and experience the principle of giving & receiving,
  • A new sense of living your femininity with joy!

Hong Kong Women's Temple Member Testimonial

Below I let two woman explain to you the benefits they experienced by regularly coming to the Women’s Temple

Like a true love story, finding Women's Temple was equally unexpected and meant-to-be. For me it was like finding a unicorn - a place for both relaxation, movement, laughter, reflection, growth, self-discovery, and all of that together will the most sincere, warm and welcoming group of women. Temple simply leaves you smiling and glowing for days - like the best facial you've ever had! 

After 4 years in Hong Kong, and working in a very male dominated environment, I had learned how to be goal-orientated, productive, strong and assertive - but along the way lost connection with my feminine side and forgotten how to just be. Then by a complete coincidence I met Corinne, and joining her Women's Temple was like finding home again. Through temple I've reconnected to myself, found a place to unwind, unfold and get grounded - reclaiming that balance in life, we all deserve, but is so hard to achieve in a busy place like Hong Kong.

Thanks Corinne for this beautiful oasis, for creating a place for women to connect, to feel empowered as well as to let go and soften. Your Temple evenings has truly been transformative!


~ Katrine F. Olsen

I was not sure what originally drew me to the Women's Temple other than an internal yearning to better understand my feminine energy in ways that I had not yet discovered, but my decision to join has been one of the most transformative of my life. 

Meeting fortnightly with various women to engage in feminine embodiment practices has changed the trajectory of my life from one of outward ambition, to one of inward exploration. Although many of us begin as strangers, before the end of the session we become intimately bound to one another through non-verbal support and care. This practice has made me more aware of my intuitive strengths and I have begun using them in all situations, not just in temple. 

I would strongly recommend the temple to women who resonate with this page and would like to try it. In fact, I could never have predicted how much I would have enjoyed it until I came to my first one, and now I am hooked! Thank you, raw & rich!


~ Katie T. Larson, Educator

Where & When

We meet on the following WEDNESDAY evenings, always between 7.30 - 9.30pm

  • 10 & 24 January 2018
  • 07 February 2018
  • 21 March 2018


SMART CELLS (Studio), 2001. 20/F Car Po Commercial Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong.

Each evening is dedicated to a certain theme which will be announce on our closed Women’s Temple Facebook Group as well as per email event announcement.


To give you an example of themes we covered in the past:

  • Riding each Feeling, moment by moment
  • Mothering, a precious Superpower
  • Body hate & Body love
  • The secrets of the Womb
  • Take a Stand
  • Nourishing the Feminine
  • Break the Spell of Fear
  • Healthy Boundaries through Body Awareness
  • Gentle with Yourself
  • HERstory
  • The World of Aphrodite
  • Innocent of your Heart
  • In Full Bloom

On the Women's Temple Facebook Group we also communicate with each other during the week and share feminine centered articles and inspirational quotes. 

Your Investment

  • Package for 3x evenings valid until Wednesday, March 21st 2018 for HK$ 750.- (you are saving HK$ 150.-)
  • Drop-in HK$ 300.- per evening

Sister, if you read this and feel your heart tingling with a yearning to join us then wait no longer.

I look forward meeting you.

All rights reserved by Corinne Konrad Calder • 2014