SOUL-BASED LIFE COACHING: Create a life you love!

A life where you steer the ship of your own journey

A life that is in alignment with your values and who you are

Are you finding yourself at a crossroad, or feeling stuck, longing to figure out from within what next step to take in your life?

Or do you feel that change is in the air and would like me to help you transition into the new in a way that makes sense to you?

Are you enjoying the freedom to think and test things for yourself, motivated by discovering solutions and answers coming from within you?

Do you appreciate stimulating questions, questions that help you access your deeper wisdom and that allow you to process what you are thinking, feeling and experiencing?

Are you a rebel woman, or desire to become more of a rebel woman, by going inwards and honouring the wisdom and intelligence of your body-mind-soul knowing; rather than listening to an expert telling you what to do? 

If you’ve been nodding silently while reading this, I want you to know that I get you – because I’m a rebel woman myself!

What's a rebel woman?

A rebel woman appreciates autonomy, the freedom to think for herself and do things her way – meaning a way that makes sense to her.


Her motivation comes from knowing HER 'why' behind what she’s set to do. When she connects with her 'why' she can display great self-determination and become unstoppable.


On the contrary, a rebel woman doesn’t react well to authority, advice and other people telling her what to do/not do. She feels constrained by that and so often would rather try to do it all by herself, instead of seeking support and help from others.

But I have found that even rebel women can do with the support of other women sometimes, women who respect their need for autonomy and who get them!

On my search for a coaching style that would honour my rebel heart while helping me awaken my inner knowing more, I came across Soul-based Coaching. After trying it for myself I got hooked and decided to train and become certified with the Academy of Soul-based Coaching so I could offer this powerful way of coaching to other rebel women like you!


Now let me tell you a bit more about it.


As a certified Soul-based Life Coach I support women through times of confusion, transition and creating something new in your life.


You can look at me as your confidant.


A confidant who believes in you and who tickles you by asking you questions so the wisdom that you hold within your body, mind and soul can awaken and  emerge. 


This new  information that will become available to you during our session, is what will help you see more clearly how to move on, what choices to make and how to go about the change you wish to make.


In full acceptance where you are in your life right now, I provide you:

  • Space to hear yourself thinking
  • Space in which conflicting emotions can be felt and met with compassion
  • Space to dream your future into being 

In this, we go as slow or as fast as you want to go.

You steer the ship of your own journey and I’m sitting right next to you, encouraging you to trust your inner guidance.

What I won’t do as a Soul-based Life Coach is give you my advice, my solution, my “5 step plan to get where you want to go”, because I believe when it comes to creating your life,  you are the expert, not me. 


What I’m the expert on however is facilitating the process in which all of this can happen.


You’re in good hands, Sister. 

Soul-based Life Coaching Sessions with me can support you

  • During times where you have to make important decisions
  • Times where you encounter challenging life-transitions 
  • Desire to change
  • Wanting to create something new


The specific circumstances you find yourself in or what it is you want to change or create is so individual that I won’t list them here.


Since my job is to support you in finding the answers and the power to bring about change from within you, I don’t need to be an expert on the specifics of your situation.


If you want to get a sense of what women have sought my help with in the past, I invite you to read their testimonials further down on this page. You will quickly notice that I’m skilled at supporting women through various challenging situations in life.

What does a 1:1 Soul-based Coaching Session with me look and feel like?

Your one-on-one coaching sessions with me is 1 hour long and customized to your needs and what you want to explore. You can expect to have between 3 – 7 sessions with me and I can conduct them in English or in German.


Want to find out if Soul-based Life Coaching is the right fit for you?


To find out what it’s like to have me beside you while you steer the ship of your own journey, you can book in for a 30-minute FREE Exploration Call with me. In this call you will get a good taste of what it will be like to work with me as your coach. 

Benefits of 1:1 Soul-based Life Coaching with me

Together we will work towards:

  • Gaining clarity on what next step to take in your life
  • Creating meaningful change by honouring your own wisdom and timing
  • Crystalizing what is truly important to you
  • Trusting the intelligence of your body-mind-soul knowing
  • Gaining confidence to look ahead
  • Enjoying the freedom to do things the way they make sense to you

But best to hear it from women who've experienced Soul-based Life Coaching with me


"Corinne is one of nature’s treasures. She is deeply in tune with the feminine energy and holds space beautifully for the process of soul based coaching sessions to unravel. I felt held and safe as I explored approaching 50 and what I want to do. I quickly sunk into a state of deep relaxation as Corinne helped me explore the depths of my mind. She gently helped me tap into a part of me that was long forgotten. My own wisdom, my own power and now I dance, embracing this experience. Thank you, Corinne." -
 Lee, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist 


"I was standing on a crucial crossroad in my life when I started Soul-based Coaching with Corinne. I was stuck, had recently lived through major changes in all areas of my life, and the old, proven ways to go about it and deal with the new situations in front of me were no longer working for me. I had no vision for my future, no feeling, no intuition. It was all blank, in a dark way. 
Corinne was a dream. Empathetic, caring, and firm on our goals, she started asking me pertinent questions. She brought visioning into our sessions and she was always absolutely sensitive. With a spark in her eyes, she helped me gain clarity around who I am at my core, what motivates me, what I need in order to move forward and where my power center lies. This has supported me greatly in the moments when I fear life or doubt myself. I now have tools that remind me who I am and how to connect with myself. I would highly recommend working with Corinne to anyone who is confused and wondering how to move forward in life, and who wants to discover more about themselves." - Aglika – Musician


"I have always had many ideas that I've failed to bring into fruition, or I've started on something and not completed it. I came to Corinne with this frustration, hoping to gain clarity around my purpose and wanting to have a concrete plan with how to execute my latest ideas. Working with Corinne helped me to bring order to the chaos in my mind, what seemed overwhelming and too big a task  started to take shape in manageable ways. I always knew that I was capable of achieving what I wanted, but somehow got stuck along the way, oftentimes leading to strong feelings of self-doubt. But after my Soul-based Coaching sessions with Corinne, I established an actual pathway that I created on my own, one I knew I was absolutely capable to following through with. What I gained was the knowledge that what I complicate in my mind is really quite simple! And when I find myself overwhelmed, or doubting myself I come back to this knowing. 
Corinne is genuine, from the first time I worked with her, I had no question in my mind that I could trust her. There is no fancy talk or empty promises. And she trusted me, completely, to steer the ship of my own journey. She made me feel 100% of the time that I was exactly where I needed to be and that I too could trust my process. Corinne pays attention and listens. I felt totally held and safe in her presence. She possesses something that cannot be learned, a certain intuitive ability to guide you through the sessions so that you stay inline with your goal of the session. Working with Corinne is a true blessing, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to gain clarity around any area in their life, or to anyone feeling stuck, not knowing what the next steps are to move forward."

- Nicola B - Yoga Teacher & mother of 3


“I decided to work with Corinne because I’ve had serious health issues over the last few years and realised that I need to continue my inner work to help address them, to enable me to further heal. Corinne helped me see that I have a deep inner strength I can call upon when I need it. After my coaching with her I felt lighter and clearer, less weighed down by past issues and able to see beyond them. This is something I’m still working on - it’s not an overnight fix - but our coaching sessions have helped me tap into an inner wisdom which I believe is continuing to guide me. In Corinne’s care I felt truly listened to and supported, which itself creates a very powerful healing environment. What I appreciated was that under her guidance the entire process was actually led by me - which is how it should be, and ultimately the only effective way to make long term changes and effective growth in my own life. I would recommend SBC to anyone who feels stuck, or needs to make a decision, anyone who simply wants to tune in to their inner wisdom, anyone wanting to take a step into a more fulfilling life. Thank you Corinne for helping me tap into my subconscious in a very powerful way!” – Shivali, Hong Kong


"I did the Soul-based coaching with Corinne and I can highly recommend it. It’s very different from any other coaching I have ever done and its extremely relaxing, calming and healing. Corinne’s presence and loving energy created a safe space to allow the transformation of emotions and feelings gently. I loved the exercises which I did between the sessions. One of the things I have noticed after a few sessions, is that I have become gentler with myself and have learned to say “no” without feeling guilty which was a hard thing for me to do in the past. I also feel more connected and more present allowing myself to be in the flow. I would highly recommend this coaching to anyone who would like to learn to stay more in the presence, wishes to transform their emotions and connect deeply with their inner guidance. Thank you, Corinne, for the wonderful sessions!" 
– Claudia, Essential Oil Educator/Business Consultant


“Working with Corinne feels like walking a safe, flat and foggy path with a friend at dawn. As I was exploring the question around my life’s purpose, she gently held my hand while I held the stick and set the direction. I made the decision about which way to turn but her presence gave me confidence to look ahead into the darkness and find the growing light. We walked for a while with low visibility, but I wasn’t scared. I knew I was in good hands. Corinne’s questions pierced the fog, and my answers blew away the cloud that surrounded us. We moved towards a destination that was unclear. I just knew that it was beautiful, brighter and a co-created surprise. When we arrived there was delight, enlightenment and gratitude. I know now, what having a purpose looks like for me and that makes me feel at peace with my life and my process - it makes me feel deeply content. I would recommend this work of Soul-based Coaching to someone who felt lost or that something undefined was missing in her life because working with Corinne is a powerful opportunity to unveil treasures. Thank you, Corinne.” 
- Molly, Business Project Manager


"In my Soul-based Coaching sessions with Corinne, she’s been helping me gently through the scary transition of birthing my new business, to find clarity easily from within so I’m now peacefully moving forward and taking each next step naturally, in a fun and exciting way for me. Thank you, Corinne, I'm so grateful for you and the work you do." 
- Tanja, Coach Western Australia 


“Eine schwierige Zeit in der Partnerschaft, nach der Geburt unseres Kindes und die daraus entstandene Distanz als Paar, haben mich dazu bewogen mit Corinne in ein Coaching zu gehen. Die Gespräche mit Ihr haben mir gezeigt, wo meine wunden Punkte aus der Vergangenheit liegen, und was ich tun kann, damit ich mir selber helfe diese zu heilen. Zudem habe ich die Ruhe und meinen Mittelpunkt in mir wiedergefunden und den richtigen Ton um mit meinem Partner über Verletzung zu sprechen, was vorher ein großes Problem war. Ich kann mir keine liebevollere und verständnisvollere Person vorstellen, um so intime und verletzende Themen zu besprechen und aufzuarbeiten. Corinne ist zu 100 Prozent bei Dir während des Gesprächs und gibt Dir Halt und Raum.

Ich würde ein Coaching mit Corinne definitiv jeder Frau empfehlen, die ein Thema mit sich herumträgt und eine warme, emphatische und wohlwollende Gesprächspartnerin sucht, die einem hilft die Augen für das Positive zu öffnen und einen Schritt nach Vorne zu tun. Oft weiss man tief im Inneren schon, was einem helfen könnte um aus der Situation herauszukommen. Corinne stupst einen liebevoll an und gibt einem Starthilfe Schritt für Schritt wieder eine liebevollere Beziehung zu sich und seinem Partner zu finden, sich selbst besser zu verstehen und auch zu verzeihe” -  N.D, Germany

The methods I use during a Soul-based Life Coaching Session

Grounding Practice

At the beginning of our session, I will guide you through a simple breath awareness practice to help you let go for a moment of the demands of daily life and fully drop into our time together.

Inquiry & symbolic modelling using "Clean Language" developed by psychologist David Grove

I will ask you specific questions 'clean questions' that will stimulate you to connect with your feelings, your heart, your thoughts and your deeper truth. And I will mirror what you share with me back to you, so you can hear yourself thinking which is extremely valuable in gaining new insight about ourselves and the situation you are encountering.

Journal Writing/Drawing

I may ask you to spend some time free flow writing or drawing between our sessions. These tactile tools help to provide further insight and connect you with your inner guidance.

Sharing of Resources

Sometimes, I may share with you resources in the form of a book, a practice, a program that I might feel could be useful for you to know about, and which I think you could enjoy and benefit from.

Your Investment

I currently offer packages of 3, 5 and 7 Soul-based Life Coaching Sessions, with the option to purchase additional sessions if needed.

3 Soul-based Life Coaching Sessions

HK$ 2,400.-


Sessions to be completed within 6 weeks

 5 Soul-based Life Coaching Sessions

HK$ 3,800.-


Sessions to be completed within 10 weeks

 7 Soul-based Life Coaching Sessions

HK$ 5,200.-


Sessions to be completed within 14 weeks

You can decide after your FREE exploration call with me, which of these packages is right for you. It will be easier for you to make a call on that after we have spoken, and you've experienced what it's like to work with me as a Soul-based Life Coach. 

As a certified Soul-based Life Coach and fellow rebel woman, I would love to support you in creating the life you long to live, and helping you crystallize what’s important to you so you can make decisions and create change that is true to you and your values.


Sister, even if things look and feel confusing, overwhelming or downright scary right now, I know you’ve got all the answers and clarity you seek within you to get through this and give birth to the new in your very own way.


How does this sound? Ready to take your next step an meet with me online?


If the answer is yes, I’m one button click away, honoured to become your confidant, ready to stimulate the wisdom in you that only waits to be awaken! 

All rights reserved by Corinne Konrad Calder • 2014