And transform your life in alignment with your body-mind-soul knowing

Are you finding yourself at a cross-road, yearning to get clear on what step to take next in life?


Or are you wanting to be gently supported during a confusing and tough life-transition?


Are you looking for ways to connect with your inner voice and learn to trust it as a true guide in creating your life?


Do you want to lead a life of integrity and joy where you make decisions based on what is true to you?


Are you fed up with letting others decide for you, and ready to claim your power and own agency? 


Do you want to become a sovereign woman?

As a Soul-based Coach I support women through times of confusion and heartache. I offer you the space to process thoughts and unmet emotions and I help you connect with your inner knowing so you can make decision and the change you seek in your life in integrity and with trust and ease.


Sessions with me can be conducted online, as well as in person, depending on what you prefer.

Areas I can assist you with in my Coaching Sessions

In my coaching sessions I gently help you bring to the surface the wisdom and answers that you carry within you but that until now, you didn’t have consciously access to.


You could think of me as a spiritual doula, helping you to connect with your inner voice and your body-mind-soul knowing, supporting you in giving birth to the most updated version of you.


In this way I help women through challenging life-transitions, times of confusion and of important decision making which could look like this:

  • You want to change and bring something new into your life, but it seems so hard and scary and you'd like some support with that
  • You find out that you’re pregnant, but you’re not sure whether to keep the child or not and you would like neutral support in helping you navigate this question
  • You are experiencing heartache in a relationship and would like to know how to move forward
  • You no longer enjoy the work you’ve been doing for the last decade and there’s a longing to change career and you would like to discover what that new thing could look like
  • You have difficulty conceiving a child and you're asking yourself what to do/not do about it and would like to gain clarity about this

All these scenarios (and there are countless more!), are pointing to a time of uncertainty, where connection with your inner guidance – your body-mind-soul knowing is important if you want to lead a life of integrity.

What does a 1:1 Coaching Session with me look and feel like?

Your one-on-one coaching sessions with me are 1 hour long and are completely customized to your needs and what you want to explore. You can expect to have between 1 – 7 sessions with me.


Want to find out if Soul-based Coaching is the right fit for you?


Book in for your 30 minute free Zoom call with me, where I’ll ask you some questions on what you’d like my support with. In this call, you will get a good idea of what it will be like to work with me as your coach.

Benefits of 1:1 Coaching with me

Together we will work towards:

  • Gaining insight on what is truly important to you
  • Connecting with your inner wisdom and power
  • Enhancing your capacity for trusting yourself
  • Finding a greater sense of freedom to be who you are 
  • Creating the change, you want in your life in a natural way
  • Transforming sorrow into medicine, and confusion into clarity
  • Obtaining clarity on what next step to take in your life
  • Enhancing levels of self-acceptance and kindness towards yourself
  • Becoming a sovereign woman and lead a life of integrity 

Leading a life of integrity means making decisions from this part of you, that when looking into the mirror at the end of the day you can say, yes, I’m okay with my decisions and the life I live. 

To get to this point we all know is not always easy, and this is why I'm here, helping you navigate these deeper currents by holding space for you, asking you questions and listening to you.

But best to hear it from women who've experienced Soul-based Coaching with me:

"Corinne is one of nature’s treasures. She is deeply in tune with the feminine energy and holds space beautifully for the process of soul based coaching sessions to unravel. I felt held and safe as I explored approaching 50 and what I want to do. I quickly sunk into a state of deep relaxation as Corinne helped me explore the depths of my mind. She gently helped me tap into a part of me that was long forgotten. My own wisdom, my own power and now I dance, embracing this experience. Thank you, Corinne." - Lee, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist 

"I was standing on a crucial crossroad in my life when I started Soul-based Coaching with Corinne. My course with her consisted of 5 one hour-long sessions. I was stuck, had recently lived through major changes in all areas of my life, and the old, proven ways to go about it and deal with the new situations in front of me were no longer working for me. I had no vision for my future, no feeling, no intuition. It was all blank, in a dark way. Corinne was a dream. Empathetic, caring, and firm on our goals, she started asking me pertinent questions. She brought visioning into our sessions and she was always absolutely sensitive. With a spark in her eyes, she helped me gain clarity around who I am at my core, what motivates me, what I need in order to move forward and where my power center lies. This has supported me greatly in the moments when I fear life or doubt myself. I now have tools that remind me who I am and how to connect with myself. I would highly recommend working with Corinne to anyone who is confused and wondering how to move forward in life, and who wants to discover more about themselves." - Aglika – Musician

"I did the Soul-based coaching with Corinne and I can highly recommend it. It’s very different from any other coaching I have ever done and its extremely relaxing, calming and healing. Corinne’s presence and loving energy created a safe space to allow the transformation of emotions and feelings gently. I loved the exercises which I did between the sessions. One of the things I have noticed after a few sessions, is that I have become gentler with myself and have learned to say “no” without feeling guilty which was a hard thing for me to do in the past. I also feel more connected and more present allowing myself to be in the flow. I would highly recommend this coaching to anyone who would like to learn to stay more in the presence, wishes to transform their emotions and connect deeply with their inner guidance. Thank you, Corinne, for the wonderful sessions!" – Claudia, Essential Oil Educator/Business Consultant

“Working with Corinne feels like walking a safe, flat and foggy path with a friend at dawn. As I was exploring the question around my life’s purpose, she gently held my hand while I held the stick and set the direction. I made the decision about which way to turn but her presence gave me confidence to look ahead into the darkness and find the growing light. We walked for a while with low visibility, but I wasn’t scared. I knew I was in good hands. Corinne’s questions pierced the fog, and my answers blew away the cloud that surrounded us. We moved towards a destination that was unclear. I just knew that it was beautiful, brighter and a co-created surprise. When we arrived there was delight, enlightenment and gratitude. I know now, what having a purpose looks like for me and that makes me feel at peace with my life and my process - it makes me feel deeply content. I would recommend this work of Soul-based Coaching to someone who felt lost or that something undefined was missing in her life because working with Corinne is a powerful opportunity to unveil treasures. Thank you, Corinne.” - Molly, Business Project Manager

"In my Soul-based Coaching sessions with Corinne, she’s been helping me gently through the scary transition of birthing my new business, to find clarity easily from within so I’m now peacefully moving forward and taking each next step naturally, in a fun and exciting way for me. Thank you, Corinne, I'm so grateful for you and the work you do." - Tanja, Coach Western Australia 

"Thank you, Corinne, for coaching me in such a strong but gentle and powerful way. The ease in which these Soul-based coaching sessions happened, prepared the space of full trust, so that I felt held and supported which allowed for powerful transformation to happen. When it became rough and tough, being on the edge of allowing transformation to happen, Corinne held that space for me as a sister, a mother, a healer - a woman with all her different energies. This support was like riding on a wave towards change. The sessions helped me to become aware of my inner potential which have been in hiding for so many years. I highly recommend working with Corinne if you are prepared for powerful and joyful change to happen in your life! Corinne may your work benefits many people ready to embrace and live up to their full potential!" - Regina S.

The methods I use during a Soul-based Coaching Session

When we work together expect to be welcomed into a neutral and loving online or in-person space, where you are seen and heard.


The reason why Soul-based Coaching is so very powerful is that unlike in most other coaching modalities, I will refrain from giving you my advice or opinion about what to do or how to create the change you desire. Instead, I help you find the clarity you’re seeking from within perfectly trusting in the intelligence of your own body-mind-soul knowing. I do this through the method of Clean Coaching. developed by psychologist David Grove and Symbolic Modelling.

Inquiry with Clean Language

I will ask you specific questions 'clean questions' that will help you to connect with your feelings, your heart, your thoughts and your deeper truth.

Grounding Practice

I may guide you through some breath awareness or visualization practice at the beginning of our session, to help you fully arrive in our session and to let go for a moment of the demands of daily life.

Journal Writing/Drawing

I may ask you to spend some time free flow writing or drawing between our sessions. These tactile tools help to provide further insight and connect you with your inner guidance.

Your Investment

I currently offer packages of 3 or 5 Soul-based Coaching Sessions, with the option to purchase additional sessions if needed.

Package of 3 Soul-based Coaching Sessions

HK$ 1,800.-


Sessions to be completed within 6 weeks

Package of 5 Soul-based Coaching Sessions

HK$ 2,800.-


Sessions to be completed within 10 weeks


You can decide after your complementary consultation with me, which of these packages is right for you. It will be easier for you to make a call on that after we have spoken, and you've experienced what it's like to work with me as a Soul-based Coach. 

As a Soul-based Coach I would love to help you through challenging life-transitions and guiding you back to the wisdom and intelligence within, so you can make decisions and create change that are true to you and thus live a life of integrity and joy. 


How does this sound?


Do you feel like working with me and through that, tune out all the noise that doesn’t serve you and instead tune in with your inner knowing?


If the answer is yes, I’d love to hear from you. 

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